2014 FORD GALAXIE Review


I recently offered a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 and i have never recieved the save handbook yet within the mail and that i want to put new sensors in the automobile due to the fact they’re at present lacking? I cant see the panel very well?
What fuses do I wish to put into the car given that i will’t read the panel?

resolution by bobweb
A automobile that outdated had a carburetor rather than modern gas injected (pc controlled) engine and did not have various “sensors” to worry about. it will have had some general emissions keep watch over elements like a PCV valve.

resolution with the aid of Willie
i believe you mean fuses

resolution through Tex G
This automobile just isn’t electricton. it is absolutely old school. until any individual has put out a lot cash. The 1965 nonetheless has level within the ingtion gadget.




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